Developmental Disorders Treatment

Northwest Psychiatry’s Board Certified team specializes in providing treatment for Asperger’s Syndrome and disorders on the Autism Spectrum for adult and children. These developmental disorders are characterized by impaired social interaction, impaired language and motor skills and a restricted range of interests and/or repetitive behaviors. Developmental disorders may affect a single area of development (specific developmental disorders) or several (pervasive developmental disorders). With early intervention, most developmental disorders can be accommodated and overcome. Early intervention is absolutely essential for developmental disorders, and our team utilizes a thoughtful approach that combines behavior modification techniques, psychotherapy and in some cases medication.

We coordinate care with families, schools and other healthcare professionals to ensure integrative and comprehensive treatment. Our assessment and evaluation is in depth, and factors in symptoms such as limited social interactions, delayed communication abilities, and school/work performance. Our systemic treatment approach is individually tailored to help foster short term and long term goals, as well as providing a supportive therapeutic environment that encourages emotional, behavioral and social well-being.